Live from Godfrey Daniels

by Rachel Marie

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released May 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Rachel Marie Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Rachel Marie, singer-songwriter from Bethlehem, PA, shows precocious sophistication in her songs and presentation. "There is Love," her self-produced second album, perfectly balances all of the playfulness and energy of her first album with a new sophistication and maturity. The album benefits worthy causes, and a full and clear voice speaking graceful truths throughout certainly doesn't hurt. ... more

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Track Name: From Where I Still Am (Live)
She said, “I think I’ll go to Brooklyn” with a ticket in her hand
But the world drove her to Cleveland by way of Bethlehem
And she sobbed in hotel rooms and on buses and on couches on the way
A sense of obligation, a weighty family name,
A drive to share the moments after everything had changed
But even as a chorus it feels empty to say,
“I love you from where I still am”

She said, “I think I’ll go to Boston,” but the world had other plans
It drove her back to Bethlehem, bus tickets all be damned
And the love and the need and the fear and the grief gripped her heart
A fierce and tested loyalty, that same great family name,
A black hole where a stellar light has always been the same
In a world where we’ve never lived without you, we say,
“I love you from where I still am”

From a world where beautiful, young people die
And grown people can’t find a safe place to cry
A world without a man who shook my hand and loved me into who I am
Me and thousands more
Who are proud and aching and sore,
And say, “I love you from where I still am”
Track Name: Strange Reunions (Live)
“I had hoped to see you sooner, but I never thought we’d see each other here”
“So tragic; he was way too young,” “No man should lose his only son” “Thanksgiving just won’t be the same this year”
I wish that you were smirking in the corner hearing what they have to say
And I wish that your absence weren’t the reason they’re all here today

It’s colder in your father’s eyes than it is outside, and I know I need to breathe but I keep holding it
Thinking maybe you’ll come through the door and it’ll all be like before, that maybe it’s a dream and we’ll wake up from it
You’ll be smoking on my patio, worrying our mothers, and I’ll like to think that, quietly, we understand each other
Yeah, usually our crew is festive, but today I’m wearing black on black on black

It’s a strange, strange reunion you’ve called for, cuz
So many lives you led, so many lives you changed
How strikingly wrong that you’re the one who has been shortchanged

I’ve heard Great Uncle Al sometimes lies down on his cemetery plot just to make sure he’ll fit
He’s a little off his rocker, but we all are, and it’s high time we admitted it
Now this shouldn’t have been Al, but it sure as hell shouldn’t have been you
Sure as hell or somewhere darker, nobody had prepared themselves for you

It’s a strange, strange reunion you’ve called for, cuz
I think the biggest one I’ve seen, for good reason
And we didn’t bury you in Allegheny County, but we raised you up in Cleveland

You tested every limit (you learned it from your dad), and yours was one of the freest spirits that this family had
You flew nests and you hopped fences, and you were coming to a sense of where you’d been and who you’d be and where you’d go
and when you fell, it was by no fault of your own

It’s a strange, strange reunion you’ve called for, cuz
Reminding us all just who and how to love
And how no matter how many times we say it, it can never be enough